Bullet journal set up February

The new year is already almost one month old. And it felt like an eternal month while also flying by. Strange isn’t it? Well, it however is time for the set up for February. This year I want to try and use one consistent theme through every month. For January it was books, I love to read and to write. And starting a new book always feels exiting. For February I decided on umbrellas. I usually don’t decorate a lot in the daily spreads because my to do lists are rather long. I also don’t set up the entire months at the same time. I usually start with the monthly spreads like important dates, trackers and so on and add the daily spreads by week. Unlike others I start my „weeks“ on Wednesday because my work week starts on Wednesday and it confused me too much to plan a work week over two weekly spreads.

February cover page with quote

The cover picture I found on pinterest, it is from Peter Rumney. I loved the picture a lot. One because I love rain and two because I have a black dog. I usually add a quote that has something to do with the theme or is in general important to me.

After the cover page is my „important dates“ and „I am thankful for“ pages. It’s a full spread with two lines for every day so I can easily fit in any appointments and things I am thankful for that day. They don’t have to be huge things, mostly it’s just Happy, my dog or somethings small that happened that day. I added the page last year when I felt like my whole world was drowning in bad things to remind myself that there are still things that I love and that I can be grateful for. I often forget that I don’t have control over everything that happens to me but have control about how I react to the things happening to me. The „thankful for“ page helps me remember that.

I also have a place on that first full spread for my monthly goals and monthly challenges. For this year I picked 12 challenges for the months and am taking part in the 52 weeks 52 challenges JashiiCorrin introduced in this video. Instead of 52 weeks of planning I went for 52 weeks of focusing on growing and improving myself. For February I chose the monthly challenge of journaling every day and the weekly challenges: 1. eat only vegetarian meals 2. Get up early 3. no complaining and 4. only Asian recipes for a week. In January I did a pantry and freezer challenge and it kinda worked. I did good with my weekly challenges though.

After that comes my monthly master to do. I always create categories so I have it easier to find a task on that list. It looks intimidating? Well, yeah, sometimes it is but most of the time it is just a full spread for me to dump my thoughts and things I need to get done that month. It helps me tremendously.

Next up are my trackers. One for tracking multiple things, like my time spend on the homestead or helping Mom around the house. My daily steps and so on. The other one is a habit tracker. I have played around with trackers for more than two years and this is something that really works for me.

Last page of my monthly pages is the mood tracker, which is an on/off thing for me. sometimes it really works, sometimes it doesn’t at all.

Most of the months last year I skipped the mood tracker or integrated it into my habit tracker but there I missed the option of different colours. So I brought the mood tracker back for this year. In January it worked really good for me, even though I sometimes forgot it was there.

In the middle of the page is the monthly review page. Something I want to try out this year. To look back and see what worked and what didn’t. How I can figure out ways to improve and to grow and accomplish my goals. We’ll see how it works out in the end or if I drop it again half way through the year.

The book I am using is from Citrus. I plan on writing a full review in February.

Last but not least the first page of my weekly/daily pages. I use a weekly to do just to make sure I have all tasks I have to complete that week in one spot and can work through them without flipping back and forth so much.

So, that is it. That is my February in my bullet journal. Let me know if you are interested in a January Flip through. What is your theme for February? Do you have any questions about the set up? And are you interested in a flip through of my long term collection and my yearly set up?

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