February overview

In February I have three weeks paid leave time from work. My birthday is at the beginning of march and I like to have the time around it off. So I have my last night shift at the 14th of February and only start back at work at the 8th of march. A few of the things I didn’t get to do in January I will roll over to February, some things, like the ceiling of the wood work shop I’ll push to later in the year because I’ll need to figure out a few things before I open that Pandora’s box.

Homestead plans

First of all I need to tidy the front yard and the side walk. I have pushed that task over and over since the beginning of December. It’s not my most favorite task but it has to be done anyway, right? Do you have tasks around the house you procastinate on and well, in the end you still have to do them? Then I need to change out the rain water tanks, some of them broke during a frost periode at the end of the year. Which is a shame because they were almost new. Well, things happen, right? I want to repair the shed for Lucy and one of the windows of the stable is broken and needs repairs. The stable itself needs some work too. There are still tack rooms inside I no longer use or need. I want to take them out and instead create an area where I can brush Lucy when it’s shitty weather and don’t get wet. That also means that I want to start building out the trailer that is next to the stable for my gear and for Lucy’s food.

Hopefully the tenants actually move out mid February so I can finally start the renovation process and get things on their way. I need the electrian and maybe someone who helps me out with laying down new floors. We’ll see if I need to hire someone or if I can do it myself.

There are more bits and pieces that need to get done around the homestead, mostly tiny tasks like raking leaves and trimming some bushes, nothing major really.

I hope that by the end of February the professional forest worker comes and cuts down the four trees mentioned in the January check in. I really look forward to that because it’ll give me space to finally start figuring out the fence problem of the outdoor paddock.


I want to start building the raised beds, hopefully the weather will be a lot better. It would be fine if it is cold but wet is a whole other thing in the garden. I also want to start building out the garden house. I gutted it a few years back but it needs some isolation and a new floor.


I want to buy a new muzzle for Happy and start training her to wear it on walks so I maybe can walk more frequented areas. That would make things a lot easier. I also want to find new walking paths and take a couple of longer hikes with Happy.


I had the desk to kitchen island make over planned for January and didn’t get it done. I started it, moved the desk into the kitchen, found the tires and well, then I stopped. In February I really want to build it. I also need to do a lot of research in February. BEcause heating is getting really expensive I want to figure out a new heating system for my apartment and make plans for it.


Well, I want to read a lot in my time off, read and write and maybe finally figure out that youtube thing so I can make a videos. Make overs and plan with mes make a lot more sense as video right? I also want to write. When Dad passed away I was in the middle of a multi chapter story and just dropped it. I hope that I can get back into it with a little time.


I need time alone. Just me and my dog. I love my Mom dearly but I cannot deal with her grief all the time. She’s so deep into her own grief that she keeps forgetting that others around her are grieving too. I know that that is normal but it still drives me nuts sometimes and I simply need a few days all to myself. I miss the time when Dad was still better and at home and I had a couple of days each week just to myself. I didn’t talk to anyone in those days that didn’t have fur, four paws or hoofs. I re charge when I am alone and right now I feel drained to the brink of collapsing.

Still sounds like a lot doesn’t it. But I think I am better prepared than last month and I am exited to start February. Another chapter in the year book and I really want to make this year a good one, so … I’ll push myself to work just a little harder. I know, I shouldn’t forget myself in this whole thing. I’ll try, I promise.

Love, Mael

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