January in the garden

January in the garden usually for most gardeners is about planning, setting up planting schedules and figuring out what to plant in general. It also is about tending to your garden tools, repair things, buy new things if needed and stock up on seeds. Maybe even building garden beds. For me this january in the garden mostly was about just those things. I read through some gardening books by Huw Richards and watch youtube videos on how to plant what when. I am not a complete beginner. A few years back I already had a up and running small veggie garden but when Dad got really sick I stopped with that. I needed my time elsewhere. 

I sorted through my seeds, discarded of what wasn’t usable any longer and made a list of things I will need to buy. And decided on what I want to plant at all. My list for this year isn’t that big. Mainly things I really like to eat fresh. This being my first year with a bigger garden I want to focus on building the soil, figuring out a good watering system and where to plant what. One season just to get to know the land, where the sun is most of the time, where is more shade and which parts of the garden are most frequented by the little critters around the homestead. Next year I can focus on building a market garden and maybe extend the garden even further. But step by step. Slow progress is still progress right?

My list of things I want to plant this year: -Potatos (because I really like to eat potatos and they are easy enough to grow) -cucumbers -tomatos -zucchini -carrots -radish -cabbage (just a few for some sauerkraut) -Kholrabi -strawberries -peas -beans -hokkaido -onions -a few herbs and tea herbs -garlic -watermelone -squash -spinache

I think that is a good list. Not too much and not too little. Most of these things are easy to grow or at least easy enough to handle for a new garden. And of course some flowers, a few new berry bushes and a couple of new cherry trees because all three I have will come down this winter.

I also figured out where to put the long term compost and where to put the garden compost. I just need to decide where to put which raised bed and figure out the watering system. I am not yet sure what to do with the watering system. What do you guys have for watering systems? Do you use drip systems? Rain water recycling?

For better planning options I set up a garden bullet journal or rather let’s call it garden journal. My tasks for next months are a little more practical I hope. I really miss getting my hands dirty with soil and the reach smell of fresh earth and growing plants. I missed my garden these past few years.

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