About me

Hej and welcome on my »about me« page. I’m not absolutely sure what to write here but I guess I’ll just give it a try and start at the beginning. No, no, not that beginning, that would go back way to far. We start with my name. My parents gave me a different one, but I call myself Mael or Lela or Lela Mael, depending on where you get to know me. I am female, born in the early 1980s in a small village in Germany. Yes, in Germany. I still prefer English over my native language, have done so for years. In almost every regard: reading, listening to audio books and music, in writing (as in fiction, fanfiction and blogging) and – if possible – in speaking as well. Sadly I cannot simply move the entire homestead to an English speaking country so I make due with German in day to day life. I’m the youngest out of three and the only girl in the family. My Dad passed away in December 2022. He passed the love for wood work and gardening on to me. As well as the love for the homestead I am living on. I’m an introvert, prefer the companionship of animals over humans. My furfriends gang consists of a mixbreed dog named Happy, an Irish tinker named Lucy and three outdoor cats named Red, Luci and Castiel. I have multiple passions in life, well, most people would call them hobbies but honestly it’s so much more than that. I love to read, from classics to textbooks to modern novels. I love to write, mostly urban fantasy with some fanfiction writing thrown in there just to keep myself entertained. I love to craft, to DIY and to learn new things. I am constantly learning, what I learn? It almost doesn’t matter as long as I can learn something I am content. Currently that means I am learning a lot about legacy and all the rules that are coming with that here in Germany and I honestely think there is no other country in the world that is this complicated with rules.

In day to day life I’m a nurse, working within the mental health care system. I do this job since 2008 and I still love it. Nothing fascinates me more than the mind of humans. However the current situation in the world makes it harder and harder to enjoy my job and to make sure I can do it right. My biggest passion in life is the family homestead and learning everything I need to keep it going. Everything else you need to know about me? I’m sure we have plenty of time to get to know each other! Welcome in my life at the homestead.

Love, Mael