Big things happening

Well, I thought that this would be happening later this month but hej, who am I to complain about something like this being done. Okay, okay, it’s not entirly done since I still have the clean up to do and that will take a while. But from the beginning. In January I had a professional forest worker on the homestead to give me an estimate how much it would cost to cut down four of my biggest trees. Three cherries and a Lime tree that had been damaged years ago and was standing very close to the neighbores home. The estimate I got was far below what I expected and I said immediately yes to the offer. I thought this would happen in my time off work, like mid to late February but this past week the forest worker called and asked if I was availabe on saturday, the fourth. I was, of course I was. Having this done means that I can now plan my weeks off way better.

He came with his co worker and a huge lifting carriage or what ever the right name for that is. It was impressive! He had said that he’d need around 6 to 8 hours for the trees so I planned for that. Starting at 8.30a.m. Not really early for me but I had had a rough night of no sleep that day and rarley ever was so happy that this meant no work for me at all. I worked a little bit around the homestead, tending to the front yard and stuff while they were busy. But from time to time I couldn’t help but watch in awe. Sometimes I even just stood there listening to the sound of the chain saw. It might make wired impression but I missed the sound of a chain saw. Not my own tiny ones but the big, working chain saws. My Dad used to have two of these (they are still here and I will learn how to handle them) and it’s one of my most favorite sounds in the whole world. I just love to listen to the chain saw singing. They trimmed one of my pear trees as well, which wasn’t that hard but they had to climb up there because there was no chance in hell to reach that with a ladder.

It looks a bit wired from this point of view but well, they cut it down a good two meters maybe even more. I would have liked for it to be even shorter but they said that they couldn’t guarantee the survival of the tree then. Okay, for now the tree is staying but in the long run it will have to go. The pears are for storage and do not taste very well. They are rock hard. I still want to try and store them over the next winter and then see if I want the tree to stay or make space for a new one.

The trailer you see on the picture is what my Dad and I called riders lounge. My friends and I painted almost 20 years ago when we organised our first ever riding competition. The plan for this summer is to sand it down and re paint it. I’m not sure yet which colour but most likely green because it’s my favorite colour. Or maybe I’ll do something crazy and paint a picture on there again. Not sure yet. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Also in the background is one of the sheds for Lucy when she is staying outside over night in summer. That one needs some love too. As does the fence you can barley see in the picture.

In front of the trailer the pods are for my tomatos in the summer. It’s a spot I pass by every day so I don’t forget to water them. I want to build a little bit of a shelter for them this spring but not yet sure how I want to do that.

The big cherry trees came down almost too easily. I will miss their white blossom in spring a little bit. With it the homestead always looked like it had snowed. But I will plant new cherry trees in a few weeks as soon as the old ones are chopped up and stored away. That sounds wrong doesn’t it?

Actually the yellow cherry tree was the first to be taken down but it was the most impressive as well. It had to be cut down from the top to the bottom because of the close promximity to the garage and the stable and the car port. I stood there almost biting my nails because I was so excited to see the forest worker do his job. And he did a good one. They left about two meters of the trunk standing. I want to build a fairy house out of that with a place to feed birds and squirrls.

All in all a very exciting day and now I can start the clean up. Which will take me a while. I look forward to work with my smaller chain saws and smelling the freshly cut wood. Is it wired that I like that smell?

love, Mael

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